Pooch paradise opens in Tatura

By Morgan Dyer

Our four legged best friends are set to benefit from a new therapy service opening in the Goulburn Valley.

Just like humans, our pooches need mental and muscle stimulation in order to be their best selves — and is what Dogs Best Friend Canine Consultants aims to provide.

Based in Tatura, owner and practitioner Marie Atsidakos focuses on bringing together the needs of owners and their pooches to create a happy home environment.

“Much of the pain our dogs feel often goes undetected and can lead to discomfort, poor performance, or more serious mental and physical problems,” Ms Atsidakos said.

“The right bodywork will greatly calm and ease their mind and body triggers.”

As well as physical therapy for their canine companions, the business will give owners the opportunity to recognise their dog's problems before they become a habit and help owners understand their dog's language.

“Many people come to me, for example and say their dog has started biting,” Ms Atsidakos said.

“However, that behaviour is due to a list of problems that have developed over time.

“We are here to help with everything from choosing a dog, integrating a new dog into your home, working on behavioural issues, health and wellness or exploring ways to educate your pooch.”

Ms Atsidakos has worked with dogs for more than 40 years in a number of roles including search and rescue, companion animals, neglected dogs and obedience training.

The consultation process at Dogs Best Friend Canine Consultants will initially identify owners’ needs and will develop a mental and physical program for their dog.

For more information visit Dogs Best Friend Canine Consultants’ Facebook page or to book an appointment call 0407 808 373.

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